What Makes a Great Facial?

The last five years have seen a shift in the spa industry in Vancouver, between treatments that offer expertise and visible results for the skin and treatments that focus on pure indulgence and relaxation.

But what makes for a good facial is balance between both worlds. A great facial is about more than the steps it involves. Here are some things to look for in a great treatment:

-Most importantly your treatment needs to be customized to you. The key to this is a thorough health history form that asks questions about lifestyle, product usage and skin care goals. Do you have a high stress level? How many caffeinated beverages do you consume daily? Questions like these give your therapist a great overview of what your needs are and how to direct your treatment.

-While it is important to offer clinical results, the therapeutic effects of touch cannot overlooked as an important component to a facial. Here’s an article that reflects on the benefits of touch for health and wellbeing.

-Next, you’ll want to consider the quality of products that are being used on your skin. How much research and development has gone into producing them? Are they backed by third-party double blind studies which demonstrate qualitative results? Or are they products developed by a cookie-cutter chemist short on innovative ingredients?

-Lastly, how articulate and educated is your skin therapist? Is this their career? How passionate are they? Can they explain and educate you, guiding you to great skin?

What do you think? What makes for a great facial in your eyes?


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