Permanent Hair Reduction for Men

man shaving - permanent hair reduction for menAlthough we’ve come a long way in terms of men feeling comfortable and embracing taking care of their appearance (thank goodness the days of caterpillar eyebrows are on their way out! ), we still have a long way to go. The journey into personal grooming for men is some what of a liberation, don’t you think?

The idea of hair removal is nothing new. Many men are shaving or waxing unwanted hair- which is fantastic- but what about permanent hair reduction? And not just for areas like the back and chest, but those niggling annoying areas, like the neck- where men tend to get lots of problems with ingrown hairs from shaving. Or the back of the neck, the first area to sprout up and look untidy long before you’re due for another hair cut. These are small areas that are easily treated with permanent hair reduction- a process which will eliminate these problematic grooming concerns so you can focus and spend time on stuff that is way more interesting. Imagine- never having another ingrown hair on your neck, or wondering if you need your partner to trim the back of your neck, or not feeling stubble from shaving your chest hair.

If you’re curious about this treatment, we offer complimentary consultations during which time we can discuss costs and give you an idea of how many treatments you’ll require- everyone’s needs are different, so it’s best to come in a talk about your goals with a trained and certified skin therapist.

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