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Sun Facts for Hitting the Slopes

It’s been an exceptional season for skiing and snowboarding so far, and this weekend, which happens to be Winter Pride, is no exception. While you’re out playing on the slopes- don’t forget to take extra care with your skin. This article from the Daily Mail outlines some very interesting facts about how sun exposure on […]

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What Makes a Great Facial?

The last five years have seen a shift in the spa industry in Vancouver, between treatments that offer expertise and visible results for the skin and treatments that focus on pure indulgence and relaxation. But what makes for a good facial is balance between both worlds. A great facial is about more than the steps […]

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Yaletown News: Emery Barnes Park is now complete!

Wow! I love seeing this view everyday when I come to work. And I’m sure that other Yaletowners are loving the newly completed Emery Barnes Park as well.¬†Apparently this park renovation has been in the works for 10 years. It’s refreshing to see that the City of Vancouver places community development as a priority, as […]

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