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Bring Back Healthy Skin: Repairing Sun Damage

It’s been another memorable summer here in Vancouver, where barbecues, patio drinks, and lots of time at the beach filled the sunny days. With all that time spent outdoors, my skin got a little more attention from the sun than it should have. If you’re like me, you probably overindulged on some vitamin D too. […]

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Slip Into September: Refresh Your Sun Damaged Skin

Autumn’s New Beginnings Those long hot days of July may seem like a distant memory to many of us. Despite August not being able to continue July’s sunny trend, it was still filled with beautiful beach days and evenings sipping cocktails on Vancouver’s many patios.

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Sun Facts for Hitting the Slopes

It’s been an exceptional season for skiing and snowboarding so far, and this weekend, which happens to be Winter Pride, is no exception. While you’re out playing on the slopes- don’t forget to take extra care with your skin. This article from the Daily Mail outlines some very interesting facts about how sun exposure on […]

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