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Spring Day Spa Retreat

It’s not uncommon for people’s energy to dip in the change of season. I think that perhaps we are so caught up in our daily lives that we don’t really connect that the weather changing can have a mental, emotional and physical effect on our bodies that goes beyond “spring fever”. A fantastic spa retreat […]

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Our Most Results Driven Facial Yet

Gone are the days of luxury as the preeminent requirement for a spa experience. It’s no longer good enough to be slathered in chocolate or gold flakes in order to make the grade for a quality skin care treatment. People want results, and science-backed skin care procedures and products are visibly improving the skin’s appearance […]

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Vancouver Spa Holiday Season: The Gift Of Quality of Life

The Holiday Season is upon us. ┬áIt’s that time of year that seems to foster a build up of tension and stress. What to buy people? What to wear to all the Holiday parties? Can I fit it all in?- and family dynamics… Yay! Something that came to mind for me when I was thinking […]

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