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Vancouver Spa Rejuvenation Treatment

As much as leading a healthy lifestyle, following a professional skin care regime and avoiding prolonged sun exposure can delay the onset of the signs of aging, eventually we may need a little extra help with lines that are deepening and facial contours that are becoming less defined. Thankfully strides in the use and application […]

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Vancouver Skin Care: The Secret is in the Sleep

The idea of beauty sleep is nothing new, but some of the ingredient innovations over the last few years certainly give credence to the use of night creams for skin rejuvenation. One of my favorite ingredients which I tout to clients featured in Pro-Derm’s night treatments is Matrixyl 300 TM. This pentapeptide (a chain of […]

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Vancouver Spa Spruce Body Lab News: Broad Band Light Skin Rejuvenation

We’re very excited and proud to announce that Spruce Body Lab will be offering medical-aesthetic treatments using the Sciton BBLS technology. To some of you, this may sound like we’re conducting some kind of science experiment.  Rest assured, light therapy has been safely used for some time in the esthetic industry. Some common terms such […]

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