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Unraveling Massage Therapy Techniques-Ever Wonder What Myofascial Release Is?

I’ve been going to see Registered Massage Therapists for the last 7 years, and from the very first treatment I knew things were happening that I didn’t quite grasp. This wasn’t the usual Swedish Relaxation technique that I had become accustomed to. When I asked my massage therapist at the time what she was doing, […]

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Vancouver Spa Holiday Season: The Gift Of Quality of Life

The Holiday Season is upon us. ┬áIt’s that time of year that seems to foster a build up of tension and stress. What to buy people? What to wear to all the Holiday parties? Can I fit it all in?- and family dynamics… Yay! Something that came to mind for me when I was thinking […]

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Vancouver Massage Therapy Part 1: Osteopathy

Working at Spruce Body Lab over the past three years, I’ve been privileged to have several Registered Massage Therapists as my colleagues. They’ve undergone some of the most rigorous training to be found in the world; a three year program of intensive study allows for RMT’s in Vancouver and B.C. to be absolute experts on […]

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