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Vancouver Spa: Structural Integration/ Rolfing

I mentioned on Facebook¬†and Twitter a few weeks ago that Marla Savoie AMTW recently returned to our ranks after studying in Hawaii and Arizona (poor girl). What I didn’t mention at the time is that Marla went to these sunny locales to become a Certified Practioner of Structural Integration, also know as the Rolf Method. […]

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Massage Therapy for Correcting Rounded Shoulders

Do you ever think about your posture? It probably brings to mind the echoing, nagging words of a parent or teacher telling you to stand up straight. As adults, it’s probably not something we tend to think about- but it plays an integral role in our comfort and well being. Those aches and pains that […]

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Massage Therapy Vancouver- Perk Up Your Posture

It’s always so sad to see elderly people who’s spines are so curved forward that they can ¬†not longer stand erect. I’ve always thought- how do they get to that point? Little did I know that the majority of people with desk jobs are in a repetitive posture that can lead to this state of […]

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