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Chiropractic and Massage Therapy- The Perfect Union

I must admit that my visits to the chiropractor have been intermittent at best- the main reason being that I don’t really like the feeling of being cracked. The funny position that you have to curl yourself into, and then the Chiropractor has to practically jump on you to make the adjustment- it’s just never […]

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Unraveling Massage Therapy Techniques-Ever Wonder What Myofascial Release Is?

I’ve been going to see Registered Massage Therapists for the last 7 years, and from the very first treatment I knew things were happening that I didn’t quite grasp. This wasn’t the usual Swedish Relaxation technique that I had become accustomed to. When I asked my massage therapist at the time what she was doing, […]

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Vancouver Spa Featured Product- The Power of Salts

  I’ve always been a fan of baths. Thirty minutes in a warm bath after a long day and I can cleanse away physical and mental stresses, emerging renewed.   Recently, I’ve made it a practice to always include salts in my bath as a way to boost my overall health and well-being. I was […]

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