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Vancouver Medical Esthetics: Keeping it Cool

  Keeping it Cool I’m sure we can all relate to seeing or having experienced underarm sweat appearing on our clothes in the warmer weather- or perhaps when we’re under stress. There is an alternative solution to high dosage chemical anti-perspirants… Botox for hydperhydrosis, aka excessive sweating. Hyperhydrosis can happen under the arms or on […]

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Headache Relief: Therapeutic Botox and Massage Therapy

If you’ve ever suffered from persistent head aches, then you can appreciate how much it can interfere with your daily life. There are answers that go beyond popping multiple extra-strength pain killers every time you feel a head ache coming on, which puts stress on your organs over time. Did you know that therapeutic botox […]

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Vancouver Massage Therapy – Our Featured Therapist

One of my favorite therapists at Spruce Body Lab is Doug Petrie. Doug joined our team in late 2010- having moved from Banff Alberta where he worked at the Rimrock Resort Hotel. Well, after having one of his treatments- I feel like we’re very lucky that he decided to head to Vancouver. Doug has a […]

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