Are You Seeing Spots? Treatment for Sun Damaged Skin

Uneven skin tone is a common theme for skin post-summer. It can age us even more that a deep wrinkle. There are many options on the market for lightening and brightening the skin; however, a serum or topical cream can only do so much. If you’re serious about getting your skin clear and lightening pigmentation, then a professional treatment is the way to go.

One of the best treatments for pigmentation we have on offer here at Spruce Body Lab is the Dermaceutic Spot Peel. This treatment uses mandelic acid from almonds, glycolic acid, Idebenone and retynil palmitate to help correct and lighten hyperpigmentation and even stubborn melasma.

The key to effectively treating hyperpigmentation over the long term is to use ingredients in your home care that specifically address this concern. Unfortunately, once the hyperpigmentation has set in, it needs to be treated continually.

That is a big reason why the Dermaceutic Spot Peel is such an effective treatment. 90% of the treatment involves using a home care kit for two weeks before your treatment and 6 weeks afterwards which continues to treat and lighten the pigmentation.

If you’re looking for results- this treatment is for you. Book in for a complimentary consultation with a Skin Therapist to learn more.

Check out this fantastic before and after photo:

Dermaceutic Spot Peel - treatment for sun damaged skin

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