SOS for Summer Stressed Skin


Alex, one of our fantastic reception team members has shared on one of his favorite products to soothe and repair stressed summer skin. (It just so happens that this is reportedly one of Victoria Beckham’s favorite products. And I have to say- she’s got good taste.) Enjoy!

As we strive to soak up the last few weeks of summer sunshine, it’s time to get ready to rejuvenate and repair our skin from any sun damage it may have experienced at those long days at the beach. MultiVitamin Power Recovery Masque from Dermalogica’s AGE Smart line is just the breathe of fresh air, splash of cool water, and boost of potent vitamins to replenish stressed out skin and combat signs of premature aging.
Key Ingredients:
Vitamin A > Also known as a retinol, Vitamin A encourages cell turn over in our skin, discouraging fine lines, increasing elasticity. It’s also excellent for oilier skin types, decreasing excess oil production while refining pores.
Avena Sativa > extracted from whole oats. Incredibly soothing for the skin, reducing irritation and redness.
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (Licorice) > Rich in antioxidants, calming, and replenishing. Combats against free radical aging damage and slows down the skin’s natural aging process.
Vitamin B5 > promotes healing of existing damage, accelerates cell renewal, helps to tone.
Algae Extract >softens skin, restores lost moisture, strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier. Leaves skin glowing.

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