Soft Lift Treatment: An Interview With Dr. Pavlou

dr pavlou - botox vancouverMeet Dr. Christopher Pavlou our newest team member and Soft Lift expert. Dr. Pavlou was born and raised in South Africa, moving to Vancouver in 2008. As a trusted family doctor, Dr. Pavlou takes a keen interest in paediatrics, sports medicine, and emergency medicine, as well as in esthetics. We thought we would take the time to introduce you to Dr. Pavlou and ask him a few questions about our newest esthetics treatment, theĀ Soft Lift.

What attracted you to cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic medicine attracts me because it is such a fast, evolving industry with new treatments and technologies constantly improving what already exists. It allows me to be a doctor and an artist at the same time by utilizing and combining existing and new esthetic treatments to give the patient a beautiful result.

Who would be an ideal candidate for Soft Lift?

The soft lift is also called a lunchtime lift as it can be done in a relatively short time with minimal to no down time. By using a combination of botox and dermal fillers with more of a global approach I can relax expression lines, diminish wrinkles, slim the face, contour the jaw line and replace or add volume to areas such as the temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin and lips. Anyone wanting to improve or augment these areas is a good candidate for the soft lift.

botox soft lift - before and after

How long does the procedure take and how long until we can expect to see results?

The procedure generally takes around 45 minutes to an hour and depending on the level of the soft lift the patient can expect results for anywhere from 6-18 months.

What would you recommend to someone who has never experienced cosmetic injectables before?

For first time patients who have never had an injectable procedure before I recommend coming in for a consultation to discuss their medical history and formulate a treatment plan that is in keeping with the patients expectations and what I think may yield a lovely, natural result.

What are some other aspects of the Soft Lift to consider?

That it is a non-invasive treatment, but consider that immediately after the treatment there may be some swelling and that mild bruising may occur, but these are temporary effects and can be camouflaged with make up.

What should someone do to prepare for their appointment?

To prepare for the procedure we recommend that the patient abstain from any blood thinning drugs such as anti inflammatories a few days before to minimize the risk of bruising. This is also discussed at the consultation. Preparation of the skin for the treatment is taken care of at the appointment.

If you would like to find out more about our Soft Lift treatment and if it’s right for you, please book your free consultation today

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