Slip Into September: Refresh Your Sun Damaged Skin

Autumn’s New Beginnings

Those long hot days of July may seem like a distant memory to many of us. Despite August not being able to continue July’s sunny trend, it was still filled with beautiful beach days and evenings sipping cocktails on Vancouver’s many patios.

Just as the sunshine invigorates your soul, it can be equally punishing to your skin. Brown spots, redness, and uneven skin tones are just some of the aging effects of too much time in the sun. Photo Rejuvenation using Broad Band Light (BBL) technology is the safe solution to combat these signs of aging, and Autumn is the perfect time to start your sun damage photo Rejuvenation treatments.

Why is Autumn Ideal for BBL Photo Rejuvenation?

With photorejuvenation, a minimum of three sessions spaced one month apart is required in order to see full results. As the days get shorter and are often cloudy (although these days seem to be a lot sunnier than normal), this is the ideal time to start your photorejuvenation treatments because it is important to stay out of the sun after your sessions.

In order to protect your skin and to get the full effects of your treatments, you need to wear an SPF 20 or higher after doing Photorejuvenation. Rain or Shine!!  It is crucial that you continue to use an SPF on a daily basis, even after you have achieved the result you want. This will protect your skin and ensure the longevity of the results from your treatments.

Spa Therapy at Home

After your treatments, taking care and protecting your skin on a daily basis is the best way to get the results you want. Here are some of our favourite post-treatment skin care products.

Pro-Derm Hydrogel – This product rapidly soothes skin that has been reddened or irritated by laser treatments and promotes healing. Hydrogel contains a synergy of plant and marine active ingredients having antioxidant, anti-free radical, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties to ensure exceptional efficacy.  Pro-Derm Hydrogel is enriched with Vitamin C, Omega, Sea Fennel, Aloe, Everlasting and Geranium Essential Oils. You can buy Pro-Derm Hydrogel in our online shop.
Our Favorite SPF Products – We recommend using either Pro-Derm’s Daytime Fluid or Day Cream SPF 20 or Tizo Protection 2 SPF 40 (available in store only).
If you are curious to learn more about BBL and its age-defying treatments, visit the Sciton website.


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