Skin Care News: Mole Mapping Made Easy

sunny Vancouver street view

Here in Vancouver we have a very conflicted relationship with the sun. We spend most of the year having to supplement our vitamin D reserves until the sun finally breaks through the clouds and then the city comes alive. People spend as much time as they can spare enjoying the sun during its sojourn. You could liken it to being on a restrictive diet. When you’re finally free to have what you want, moderation goes out the window; hence sun fever takes over.

There’s no judgement here- as I’m just as happy to get out a enjoy the beautiful weather while it last- with sunscreen of course. Now there is another tool in the sun health arsenal, an app that helps you to track and document any suspicious moles. Early detection is one of the top methods for preventing melanoma- beyond using sun protection and this app make it easy. Click here to read more about this unique and FREE app developed by the University of Michigan Health System

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