Should I use a masque?

While we may not be as harried in Vancouver as our fellow Canadians on the East coadermalogice multivitamin recovery masque - should i use a masque blogst, recent trends in skin care would indicate that most people are starved for time and are looking for a skin regimen that doesn’t require a lot of time and effort. I myself have been a subscriber to this train of thought- until recently. I’m not saying that I’m prepared to spend loads of time on taking care of my skin, but I find my appreciation of masques has been renewed. Especially when you can’t get in for a spa facial.

Masques for me, are definitely an SOS product to have on hand. There are times that your moisturizer and cleanser are not going to do the trick to address a more pressing skin condition. There are three types of masques that are handy to have and you can pick and choose from these types based on what your main concerns are.

1. Hydrating/ Soothing Masques

Pretty much everyone can benefit from a hydrating/soothing masque. Most skin suffers from some degree of dehydration, whether from lifestyle or the environment. Drinking enough water is not going to cut it- your skin looses more moisture due to the aging process, so nothing short of a topical hydrating treatment will effectively address dehydrated skin. A tip that I came across recently is to apply a hydrating masque pre-transatlantic flight (where the humidity is at a mere 10%). The masque soaks in, so your skin doesn’t look shiny and slick, you have an invisible shield of hydration to prevent the general pruning effect of air travel. I wrote about Dermalogica’s recently updated Skin Hydrating Masque here– it’s definitely a must have for all skin types.

2.Clay/ Exfoliating Masques

If you have oilier skin, then definitely a clay masques, possibly with exfoliating properties and a hydrating mask are the best to have on hand when acne flare ups occur or pores need to be refined. Pro-Derm has two fantastic masques that help these conditions. 1) Pro-Derm Micro Peel 5% AHA Masque 2) Pro-Derm Terreus Masque

3. Antiaging Masques

Just like our minds need time to decompress, so does our body. An antiaging masque is the perfect 10-20 minute vacation for your skin, during which time, your skin can soak in stress-releiving antioxidants that repair cellular damage from UV radiation, environmental pollution and lifestyle. My favorite is Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. It’s super soothing and leaves your skin feeling refreshed, hydrated and bright.

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