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waxing services in vancouver - Spruce Spa

At Spruce Body Lab we are known for our professional, quick and comfortable waxing techniques.  We use the highest quality warm chocolate wax along with soft cotton strips, and apply pre and post wax products to care for your skin.  At Spruce Body Lab spa in Vancouver, we don’t “double dip” our spatulas for any of our bikini or underarm waxing.

Some things we suggest to prepare for a hair removal treatment are:

  • Being well rested.
  • Taking pain relief medication an hour prior to your treatment.
  • Avoiding alcohol or caffeinated beverages.
  • The length of the hair to be removed should be no shorter then 1/4″ long; alternately, the shorter your hair is, the less painful your treatment will be, 1/4″ in length is ideal.
  • Once you’ve had your first treatment we suggest pre-booking about 4-6 weeks ahead for your next treatment.  The hair will have grown in to the correct length and as you keep up with regular treatments the density of your hair growth will be lessened.
  • Prevention of ingrown hairs is key to a great hair removal regimen.  We suggest Dermalogica’s Ultimate Buffing Cloth for larger areas, such as the back and legs.  Pro-Derm’s AHA/BHA Lotion is ideal for smaller areas with stubborn ingrown hairs such as the bikini line.


Trust your brow shaping to us. Our skin therapists are trained to precisely shape your brows to perfectly frame your peepers- putting your best face forward.

Brow Arch $25
Upper Lip $22
Chin $22
Full Face $65


Half Arm $35
Full Arm $45
Under Arm $25
chest $35
stomach $32
back $45
shoulders $30
basic bikini $30
french bikini $42
brazilian bikini $65
half leg $45
full leg $65

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