Skin Care Treatments

Beautiful woman relaxing while receiving a facial.

Our specialty, when it comes to your skin, is customization. At Spruce Body Lab, we believe that every person requires a spa treatment that is unique to their skin care needs at any given time. We have a carefully curated range of medical grade peels and professional skin care products on hand to give you healthy and beautiful skin.

Below you will find a list of the skin care treatments that we offer. If you are unsure of the best facial for your skin and you’d like to leave the choice in our professional hands, then we suggest you book in for the Customized Spruce Facial.

Customized Spruce Facial

A) 60 min … $99 

B) 75 min …with choice of Hand Relief or Foot Renewal Treatment add $39

Treatments are categorized according to their bioactivity score (0), which indicates chemical and physical exfoliation concentrations as well as active ingredients.

Skin Care Treatment Price List

Intensity Level I Intensity Level II Intensity Level III
Spruce Skin Deep Facial
75 min… $125
iS Clinical Exfoliating Clear Skin Facial
60 min… $110
45 min… $125
Express Spruce Facial
30 min… $65
iS Clinical Exfoliating Clear Skin Facial with Extractions
60 min… $125
Microdermabrasion with EA 35 Peel
 iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial
30 min… $125
45 min… $150
Flash Exfoliation
20 min… $49
Micro-Zone Micro
20 min… $89
Hydration Treatment
20 min… $49
Micro-Zone Micro with EA 35 Peel
Rapid Spot Clearing/ Extractions
20 min… $49


medical spa facials extras

The Extras

For those who like a power-packed facial, we have a few treats.

Revitalizing Eye Rescue 15min … $30
Refresh tired eyes with a specific cooling and firming treatment utilizing pressure point massage. Target puffiness, dark circles and fine lines by combining this revitalizing spa treatment with a customized Spruce facial.

Firming Contour Mask 15min … $30
For an intense, serum penetrating and firming treatment, add this mask to any Customized Spruce Facial.

For the ultimate in body treatments, make sure to compliment your facial with a full massage treatment by one of our Registered Massage Therapists.

Lash and Brow Tinting

  • lash tint 15min … $30
  • brow tint 15min … $20

Deepen the luster of lashes or define fair brows using a vegetal dye-based formula. Your lashes and/or brows will be expertly tinted to perfection; an application of a soothing, hydrating mask around the delicate eye area soaks in, smoothing away fine lines and de-stressing tired eyes.

Hand Relief Don’t forget your hands. They’re one of the most exposed parts of our largest organ, the skin; let’s give them the attention they deserve! Exfoliation and an application of a regenerating serum and mask, followed with a warm and relaxing paraffin masque to penetrate active ingredients and restore youth to your digits.
15min … $49 a la carte or $39 when you add to a Skin Treatment

Foot Renewal Say goodbye to dry, rough skin and tired, sore tootsies and say hello to happy feet! Foot massage can benefit not only your feet, but your entire body as the feet have reflex points that correspond to every organ and body part. Exfoliation, a nutritive masque, as well as a warm and relaxing paraffin masque to penetrate active ingredients are included in this treatment.
15min … $49 a la carte or $39 when you add to a Skin Treatment

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