Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion

Man receiving a microdermabrasion treatment.

A unique dermabrasion technique using diamond tip technology to smooth away fine lines, refine pore size and minimize skin imperfections. This non-invasive treatment removes the dead and damaged skin cells from the epidermis to stimulate a rejuvenating response from the skin’s deeper layers.

Diamond Peel Treatments are the best option for those who do not want any downtime after their treatments, as there are minimal side effects and results may be visible after only one session. A treatment series is highly recommended for clients seeking the best results to address skin aging and resurfacing. To learn more about Diamond Peel treatments, please consult our Microdermabrasion FAQ.

Microdermabrasion is the perfect compliment to Photo Rejuvenation treatments. Scheduling microdermabrasion treatments between your photo rejuvenation sessions will help to exfoliate the skin and promote new cell growth. This combination will help prolong the effects of your treatments.

Spruce Body Lab’s treatment includes the application of a soothing mask and a touch therapy of your choice.

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Area Price
face $125
neck $55
shoulders $65
hands $49
back $149

face treatments for six sessions prepaid, your seventh is FREE! … $750


Spruce also offers a variety of Spa Packages in Vancouver to cater to your specific skin care needs. Choose from convenient Micro-Zone treatments or Multi-Layer peels to enhance your Microdermabrasion experience.

For a Power Packed Treatment that takes Microdermabrasion to the next level:

Micro with EA35 Peel – 45min … $145
Take your microdermabrasion results to the next level by combining the physical exfoliation of microdermabrasion with a Lactic Acid peel and deeply hydrating Replenishing Mask. This peel will enhance your cell renewal process, even out your skin tone, as well as address acne concerns.

Micro-Zone Micro with EA35 Peel 20 min … $109
Combine microdermabrasion with a Lactic Acid peel for the most advanced skin resurfacing treatment.

Want results in a fraction of the time?

Book in for a 20 minute Micro-Peel Micro-Zone Treatment … $89

This quick and convenient treatment includes a complete skin analysis, skin cleanse, microdermabrasion and an application of a serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sun protection.

If you are curious about the Diamond Peel treatments, please visit our Microdermabrasion FAQ. If you would like to speak with one of our trained skin therapists, Book a Consultation Today.

Keep your results long after your Microdermabrasion Treatments with our complete line of Facial Care products.

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