Soft Lift and Non-Surgical Nose Jobs

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Soft Lift™

Soft Lift is a new cosmetic treatment that uses a combination of Botox and Juvéderm dermal filler to restore facial balance. By treating the face as a whole, together they smooth away lines, restore lost volume and enhance facial contours to create a naturally refreshed and rejuvenated look. Dr. Christopher Pavlou has performed hundreds of Soft Lift procedures on patients interested a non-invasive treatment that will immediately shed years from their appearance.

We use Botox to treat the lines around the upper part of the face – eyes and forehead – which can make a person look tired or angry, even when they are not. We then use Juvéderm to treat the lines around the mouth and to restore the loss of volume in the cheeks, lips and chin that can occur with aging. The Soft Lift treatment improves the looks of all three areas of the face (upper, mid, lower) to create a softer, balanced, entirely natural looking appearance. Dr. Christopher Pavlou will walk you through the process to help determine the best course of treatment to reach your desired results.

Non-Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical nose job is a simple, no down time technique to change the shape of your nose with a few simple injections of a filler substance (hyaluronic acid). The procedure takes 15 minutes with virtually little or no pain, bruising or swelling. You can return to your work or social life immediately with instantaneous results. The treatment is an ideal alternative to Rhinoplasty for those looking for a discreet way to improve the shape of their nose.

How does a Non-Surgical Nose Job Work?

Dr Christopher Pavlou places a dermal filler through controlled and precise injections to hide away dents, bumps, deviations, make the nose appear more narrow of contour irregularities to restore a more symmetrical look to your nose. The end result is that your nose will look more proportional and smaller in your facial frame. Your results are instantaneous.

The non-surgical nose job is an alternative to surgical rhinoplasty for many individuals who wish to alter the shape of their nose or restore symmetry to their nose.

Ideal Candidate for the Procedure
  • Patients who wish to diminish the appearance of bumps on their nose.
  • Patients who have dents, hollowness or indentations, or have noses which look asymmetric.
  • Patients who have a flat nasal bridge and wish to create a bridge or augment their original bridge. This is a very common request in the Asian and African American communities.
  • There are those people who are not 100% emotionally and physically ready to undergo surgery and want to take the idea of a new nose for a “test run”. They can do this procedure to decide if a nose job is right for them.

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