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At Spruce Body Lab Spa in Yaletown, body treatments have become one of our signature experiences. You’re body treatment will never involve being left alone wrapped and wondering how much longer you’ll be waiting.   Each treatment involves relaxation massage and pampering from head to toe.  Our hydrotherapy rooms include luxurious Kohler rain showers and water tiles to wash away any stress that may be left in your body. This unique system also features the ability to alternate temperatures to enhance your hydrotherapy benefits. If you’re looking for the quintessential spa experience- this is it!


Seaflora Body Wraps (90 min) $179

SeaFlora: Vancouver spa treatments

This body wrap is sedating to the nervous system, restores energy levels and infuses the skin and circulatory system with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, while promoting detoxification. You’ll feel like you’ve just had a relaxing day at the beach!

Includes:  Full body exfoliation, application of a firming gel, detoxifying and revitalizing Alaria body wrap, mini face treatment and an application of body and face cream.

This treatment offers a unique opportunity to experience what the ecology of British Columbia has to offer with the use of Sea Flora: Wild Organic Seaweed Skin Care.  All of the ingredients in this skin care line are native to British Columbia and the seaweeds are hand-harvested from the Sooke coast line of Vancouver Island.

Sea Flora contains fresh whole seaweeds in concentrations of up to 70% .  Using these fresh seaweeds for our Seaweed Body Wraps prevents the dangers of high levels of iodine, thus making this treatment safe for people with hyperthyroid conditions, pregnancy and allergies to shell fish. The fresh and organic ingredients also alleviate the pungent aromas normally associated with powdered seaweed wraps, leaving you to experience the aromatic essence of the sea.


Lab Scrubs (45 min) $79

Vancouver day spa body care products

This professional full body exfoliation features Spruce Body Lab’s private label brand of products which are chemical and cruelty free and made in Vancouver!

Dull and dry surface skin cells will be polished away with the Be Smooth sugar scrub, infused with an aromatic blend of blood orange and vanilla. After showering away your stresses in the Kohler rain and water tile shower with hydrotherapy features, a relaxing application of Be Soft body lotion formulated with nourishing jojoba and hemp will leave your skin fresh, soft and hydrated from head to toe.

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