Laser Hair Removal

If you’re looking for hair removal in Vancouver – you’ve come to the right place. Our experience in removing unwanted hairs using Broadband Light Spectrum (BBLs) technology means that our clients leave with 70-95% of their unwanted hair permanently reduced.

How does Spruce perform hair removal?

At Spruce we use an intense pulsed light hair removal technique, commonly known as BBLs. We believe that this method is superior to traditional laser hair removal techniques for the following reasons:

  • Laser hair removal only penetrates to one depth in the skin
  • Laser hair removal only targets one type of hair
  • Laser hair removal tends to be more painful

How does BBLs remove unwanted hair?

We understand that our clients have different needs including removal of different types of hair – fine, medium, or course for example. BBL laser hair removal has the ability to target different depths and sizes of hair follicle, providing consistent, safe and quick results.

The BBL light beam actively thins out the hair, which reduces the overall visibility – no matter the thickness.

It’s worth noting that hair removal treatment time and frequency varies depending on the area being treated; therefore a thorough consultation to ascertain your treatment program is required. Also, please keep in mind that white and grey hairs cannot be treated with BBLs.

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Before & After

bbl laser hair reduction in vancouver
Spruce Body Lab Vancouver Hair Removal
Before laser hair removal
Spruce Body Lab BBL Treatment

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