Broadband Light Treatments

Gimme results - Broad band Light Spectrum Treatment

Sciton Broadband Light Spectrum (BBLs) technology provides us with more advanced results for the skin than ever before. In our modern, clean and comfortable medi-spa, we effectively treat persistent skin concerns in a professional and personalized manner using the Sciton BBLs treatment.

What skin conditions can BBLs treat?

Broadband Light therapy can be used to treat a range of skin problems and conditions including:

Adult Acne Therapy

BBLs adult acne therapy can give you the upper hand with this frustrating and baffling skin condition. Using the light spectrum to kill the acne bacteria along with the proper home care skin products, you’re skin will dramatically improve.

Permanent Hair Reduction and Removal

The Broadband Light technology offers truly effective hair reduction results. Hair comes in a variety of depths and strengths which makes it a challenge to treat. The BBLs is able to target fine, medium and course hairs all over the body for 70- 95% permanent hair removal and reduction. So say goodbye to ingrown hairs, razor burn and waxing appointments and hello to smooth and fuzz-free skin.

Facial Photorejuvenation Treatments

The Broadband Light can address hyperpigmentation (age spots) as well as redness (dilated capillaries and talengectasia) and rosacea concerns with photo rejuvenation treatments.

Skin Tightening

The BBLs has a truly unique treatment to stimulate collagen production by introducing infrared light into the dermis of the skin. Put simply – it’s like personal training for your skin, inducing it to firm itself. If you’re looking for a treatment that will turn back the clock without the down time and healing of ablative lasers and surgery, skin tightening is for you.

How Broadband Light Works

Light therapies have become extremely popular in the medical aesthetics field as a means to greatly improve the look and feel of your skin. Broadband Light therapy uses the different depths of penetration that the wave-lengths of the light spectrum offer in order to specifically target concerns that are deep within the skin. This means effective, dramatic and gratifying results.

Fast Treatment Time

BBLs offers a unique combination of the fastest pulse rate with a large spot size. It also can run at fast repetition rates even at full fluence, where other systems slow down considerably.  This means less time required per treatment.

Controlled Cooling

Other machines are not designed for accurate temperature control – BBLs features an integrated cooled sapphire crystal which maintains a safe and cool treatment zone. It is the only system to set skin temperature accurately from 0 degrees C to 30 degrees C for unprecedented precision and comfort.

A thorough consultation by a highly trained and certified Skin Therapist is required prior to any BBLs treatment to ensure your comfort and safety and to attain the best results.

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