Post Massage Therapy Muscle Relief

Vancouver is ranked as Canada’s healthiest city- and a big part of that is how the city is designed. The way that our city is planned and continues to be planned, fosters walking and an active lifestyle. Here’s a great article from the Globe and Mail about how healthy cities foster healthy people. 

It’s funny how once you become more active- you’re sore from that activity (in a good way), but if you get off the pace of working out- you get sore in a not so good way.

Massage therapy is of course, an excellent way to deal with those aches and pains as well as prevent injury, but there are some key things you can do at home that are easy and cost effective.

For one- your Registered Massage Therapist will usually go over stretches and exercises that are specific to your body. For example- if you’re having low back pain, they may show you stretches for your back, hips and ham strings.

be soothed muscle balm - post massage therapy relief

In addition to stretching, using a muscle balm can help to improve blood flow to your muscles and specific essential oils have an analgesic effect thereby improving muscle healing and reducing pain. Be Soothed Muscle Balm $24 available in store and on-line.

spruce epsom salt - post massage therapy relief
An epsom salt bath is ideal to help flush out lactic acid from the muscle tissue and the warmth from the bath water also helps with relaxing tense muscles. Here’s a blog entry with more details about the power of epsom salts.  Available in 16oz $5 or 32oz $8.

spruce hot and cold pack - post massage therapy relief

A hot and cold pack is a must have SOS tool. Any aches and strains can be readily relieved by alternating hot and cold temperatures on sore areas. If you’re unsure of time durations for applying hot and cold packs, consult with your massage therapist or physician. Our hot and cold packs can be warmed in the microwave or chilled in the freezer. They have a nice fabric lining so they feel gentler on your skin- best of all, they’re just $10!



Do you have any tips for keeping your muscles nimble? Share them here.

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