Peptide Repair Overnight

Dermalogica has recently launched a new product to add to their line up of Age Smart products called Overnight Repair Serum.

They key ingredient in this product is a peptide called Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, also known as Matrixyl Synthe’6, part of a range of peptides developed by the French company Sederma, which develops ingredients for the skin care market. Peptides have been thoroughly researched and are the latest ‘it’ ingredient in skin care, as they have been shown to slow cell breakdown and promote new cell growth (collagen and elastin).

You will find these ingredients in many anti-aging creams. What makes it unique in Dermalogica’s Overnight Repair serum, is that it is in an oil-soluble format- making for better penetration into our skin.

Another superb ingredients that you’ll find in this formulation are Rosa Moschata seed oil, a precious oil rich in essential fatty acids and Retinoic acid (Tretinoin). The Tretinoin, a derivative of Retinol (Vitamin A), produces well known therapeutic effects in the treatment of sun damaged skin. The Tretinoin contained in Rosa Moschata seed oil produces all the benefits without the secondary side effects usually associated with topical vitamin A use.

There is yet another ‘it’ ingredient in this formulation: Argan oil. This oil which is derived from the kernels of the argan tree, has tissue healing, anti inflammatory and anti-bacterial and sun protectant factors. Argan oil has extremely high levels of Vitamin E, which account for these benefits to the skin.

This all sounds great- right? The only hitch is that the formulation is pretty heavily scented. Looking over reviews of the product on Dermalogica’s website shows that it isn’t for everyone. Essential oils of rose, geranium and basil permeate the serum. If you’re not okay with scents, you won’t like this product.

If, however, you love aromatherapy and the soothing benefits of oils on the skin, you are going to love this product. I used it myself so I could get a sense of how my skin felt. In the morning my skin looked and felt very smooth and refreshed, like it had properly rested and regenerated overnight. I suppose the name is fitting!

There is even an acupressure massage that Dermalogica has designed to be done with the application of the serum. You might say, this serum is fusing eastern traditions (self massage) with western scientific advances (peptides).

Curious? Come on in and try it out at our skin bar. It’s our feature product of the week. Get 10% off Overnight Repair Serum $88 with the purchase of any Dermalogica product until October 15th, 2011.

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