Spruce’s Spa Packages

As one of the premier day spas in Vancouver, Spruce Body Lab believes in improving the quality of life of our clients.

We strive to better the bodies and minds of our clients by removing the unnecessary stresses of everyday life. In order to help you live your life to the fullest, we have developed customized spa treatment packages with facials and massage treatments to match your mood and our skills! Whether you are looking for a weekend spa escape or a mid-week rejuvenation, Spruce has the perfect spa package for you.

All packages include the use of Spruce Body Lab’s changerooms and relaxation lounge! Treat a friend to any one of our Spa packages in Yaletown.

(Prices as of January 1st 2017)

Full Physical:

Our Fan-Favourite spa package! Combine a Customized Spruce Spa Facial with 45, 60 or 90 minutes of Massage Therapy and get the facial for $89 (regularly $99).

45 min massage and spa facial $199
60 min massage and spa facial $214
90 min massage and spa facial $269


Soulmatic Recharge

Your perfect weekend spa experience in Vancouver. Combine any Lab Body Treatment with a 45, 60 or 90 minute Massage Treatment for an extended sensory experience.

45 min massage and lab body treatment  (2 hrs, 15 min) $289
60 min massage and lab body treatment  (2 hrs, 30 min) $304
90 min massage and lab body treatment  (3 hrs) $359


Theory of Relativity:

Buy six Customized Spruce Spa Facials prepaid, and your seventh facial is FREE $594

Cellular Salvation:

Buy six Microdermabrasion face treatments prepaid,  and your seventh treatment is FREE $750

Smooth Operator Package:

Combine a full body exfoilation Lab Scrub with your choice of the following spa treatments.
Customized Spruce Spa Facial combined w/ a Lab Scrub (1hr, 45min) $178
45 min massage combined w/ a Lab Scrub (1hr, 30min)  $189
60 min massage combined w/ a Lab Scrub (1 hr, 45min)  $204
90 min massage combined w/ a Lab Scrub (2 hrs, 15min)  $259 


Infrared Sauna Session Package:

Purchase six 25 minute sessions and the seventh is FREE! $150


You can call 604.683.3220, email info@sprucebodylab.com, book online or even come in person to our Yaletown spa to make an appointment