Myths about hair removal

We’ve all got something we would like to change about ourselves. For many people – both men and women – that one niggling thing is changing the amount of hair we have on certain areas of our body.

Whether you feel unhappy with a particular area of your body – for example your bikini line, arms, lips or legs – or you have an underlying medical condition, hair removal is more common than you think. According to Salon Magazine over 99% of American women use hair removal techniques, with 85% removing hair daily. And it’s not just the ladies who are losing the fuzz. Research has shown that 60% of men also regularly remove unwanted hair.

There are a number of different hair removal techniques available. At Spruce we use a form of IPL called Broad Band Light Spectrum (BBLs) – an advanced light therapy that uses different depths of penetration to target a wider range of hair. BBLs can target fine, medium or coarse hair and have a 70-95% chance of hair removal lasting upward of two years.

Another option when considering hair removal is using the laser technique. A downfall is that laser hair removal only penetrates to one depth. This means that laser hair removal can only target one type of hair and can’t address hair that is in different stages of growth – unlike BBLs.

Whether you choose to use laser hair removal or BBLs, both techniques have their own fair share of myths. Here we debunk some of the most common ones.

1. Hair removal can be completed in one session

Incorrect. Hair grows at different rates and has a specific cycle of growth. Because of this, not all the hair needs to be removed can be targeted at once. You’ll need to plan your hair removal to coincide with hair growth and cycles.

The most effective way to remove unwanted hair is to wait for follicles to grow and then destroy them with the removal method of your choice. Planning a number of sessions with your practitioner will allow for a higher amount of hair removal.

2. Hair removal is only for people with fair skin

In order to achieve accurate results both BBLs and laser hair removal are geared toward people with a lighter skin tone. This is because the light emitted from the machines is attracted toward the pigment in the skin. If a person has a darker skin tone, and therefore more pigment, hair removal can lead to burning and scarring.

3. I shouldn’t shave before a treatment

This myth has been doing the rounds for a long time and isn’t true. Shaving, bleaching and trimming areas before and during treatments is completely fine to do. However, waxing and plucking – techniques that can damage the skin and hair follicle – are not recommended.

4. Hair removal can affect your fertility

Again, this myth isn’t true. Hair removal – whether you choose BBL or laser hair removal – only targets the hair follicle. This means that removal process won’t penetrate deep enough to affect any organs.

5. Hair removal is painful

The process of hair removal has advanced leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Both laser and BBLs have a minimal amount of pain infliction – which can also be entirely subjective depending on the person who is receiving the treatment.

As with any treatment, it’s worth checking in with your dermatologist before starting any hair removal techniques. They will be the best person to advise on what specific hair removal technique will be most beneficial to you.

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