Massage Therapy for Runners


spruce RMT performing massage - massage therapy for runners

I recently ran the Vancouver Sun Run for the first time- it was such a cool experience! I would highly recommend it if you haven’t tried it before. I would however suggest that you don’t do what I did. Amidst the adrenaline rush of running amongst 50 000 people, I got a bit caught up and ran faster than I normally would. Pair this with the fact that I didn’t train for the run and you have a recipe for a sore back. NO FUN!

I doubt that anyone preparing for the upcoming BMO Vancouver Marathon is getting into it with the same laissez faire attitude I had with the Sun Run, regardless, the same pre and post run strategies for keeping your muscles and your body feeling its best apply. Here’s an article with great tips to prepare for and recover from a marathon with sports massage.

Although I didn’t follow a good practice for injury prevention, thankfully, I had thought ahead and booked myself in for a massage the day after the Sun Run. Make sure you get yours too!

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