Finding Time

watch illustration - finding time blog Is it really February already? I refuse to accept that the speed at which time is flying by is simply due to the aging process!

I think that it has a lot to do with the pace at which life is happening, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Even in moments of ‘down time’, I find myself checking my phone for text messages and emails (which I still seem to get behind on somehow- just thought of one now that I have to respond to).

Amidst the tweeting, status updates, checking favorite blogs and following the news, how do we find time- and how is that found time best spent? It’s not something I gave much thought to until recently. When I get days with nothing in the calendar that must be done, I find myself luxuriating in my pajamas, not showering all day as I lie on the couch and vegetate watching t.v. and films- only getting up to eat whatever I want. Sounds glamorous- right?

All kidding aside, I think it is worth some thought about consciously using time in ways that make me happy and present. Even though I’m ‘connected’ in so many ways from a technological stand point, I somehow don’t feel that way when I’m rushing around or half listening to someone while I’m sending an email- a horrible habit I hope to kick.

January is all about a clean slate! This year it symbolized a shift in priorities for me with regards to time and it all centered around diet. Eating out, which is normally my go to when I’ve had a long day, or eating a muffin as I rush into work etc., was out the window. I began shopping for food and preparing my meals more than ever before.

This all took up a lot more of my time, which I resented and resisted at first. Then I turned the tables and asked myself if I was really using this time productively before I enacted this change? The answer was no. It’s hard to say how the time was used, but I imagine it realistically involved the internet and t.v. I realized that perhaps the notion of convenience wasn’t doing me any favors in the long run and that dedicating time to prepare nutritious meals was far more enriching for my life.

Do I really love washing arugula for my weekly supply of salad greens? Not really, but I value what taking time to do that symbolizes, and so I’ve gotten used to the ritual.

This brings me to the realm of skin care and massage therapy. Do you have a routine for your skin? How do you feel about taking time out, even if it’s just a few minutes at night?

Over the Holiday stretch at the end of December, it was remarkable how many people were frantic to get in to use their massage therapy benefits in the last week of the year. What kept them from coming in for the other 11 months, I wonder? Glee reruns perhaps… 😉


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