The Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day quickly approaching, the Spruce staff and I have been brainstorming ideas of what to get for/do for our fathers on June 19th. As the day has gone on, I thought it would be beneficial to put together a list of the five best (in my opinion) gift ideas I have heard today.

1. A Visit to the Kitsilano Farmers Market

Visiting the farmers markets that take place in Vancouver all summer is one of my favourite things to do and number one on our list of Father’s Day ideas. The Kitsilano Market takes place every Sunday at the Kitsilano Community Centre, thus making it the perfect place to visit with your dad on Father’s Day.  They have a vast selection of meat, cheese, seafood and of course delicious organic produce. Plus they have food trucks and live music to boot! Why not enjoy a day outside at the farmers market with your father and choose fresh ingredients to cook a clean meal together at home.

2. A Hike

If you haven’t already checked it out, the Sea to Sky Gondola in Squamish is a great way to spend the day with your dad on Father’s Day. It offers stunning views, great food, the opportunity to reward yourself with a cold beer on top of a mountain and incredible hiking.

Hike your way up the Sea to Summit Trail and treat your dad to lunch and the gondola ride down, or take the gondola up and explore the many hikes offered from the peak.

Sea to Sky Gondola - Father Day Blog

3. A Massage

This is a no brainer! What dad wouldn’t love to go for a massage. Although hard to do together, why not book your dad for the day, treat him to brunch and then surprise him with an afternoon massage.

Tip: Registered Massage Therapists can treat a number different ailments, using a number of different techniques so try to subtly figure out what massage would be right for him. It might be an added bonus that you particularly knew to book him a massage to relax or a massage to treat chronic pain.

4. A Yoga Class

You might be thinking, no way my dad will agree to this… However, I think this gift idea is clever. If your dad is already a yogi, then great he will love the gift. If your dad is not the yoga type, choose something easy and bring him with you (he can’t turn down a gift from his offspring). The great idea about taking your father to a yoga class is that he will get to spend time with you, and the health benefits that come with it.

Yoga has many benefits – it is known to bring on relaxation, build core strength and improve mental clarity. He might not be a yogi yet, but no harm no foul!

5. An Adventure

I recently read an article titled ‘Paddling in Vancouver’s Backyard – Porteau Cove to Anvil Island,’ and thought to myself that this would be a great thing to do for Father’s Day. Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Howe Sound is an incredibly beautiful place to explore – and what better then to do it with loved ones, on the ocean and on a paddle board. Head down to MEC, and rent yourself and your father a stand up paddle board for the day and let the adventure begin. He will thank you!

Whether you decide to treat your dad to a relaxing day for himself or decide to take him exploring in Vancouver’s beautiful surroundings, we hope that this Father’s Day is one for the books!

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