Farm to Table Skin Care

We’ve all heard of Farm to Table food- now this concept is catching on in skin care as well.

Let’s call it Farm to Face. It denotes the effort to source skin care that is made locally with ingredients that are indigenous to your region.

There are certainly many benefits to be had from using your purchasing power this way. For one, you’re supporting your local economy, and secondly, you’re lessening your carbon footprint.

Have you ever considered the environmental costs that come along with the purchases that we make? When we’re buying a pineapple in January, there is a big carbon footprint behind our ability to enjoy this delicious tropical fruit. Matters such as this are a key issue around sustainability. It certainly is food for thought.

We can apply the same logic to other areas of our life, including skin care. While we may not always be able to source locally, there are certainly lots of ways to reduce your carbon footprint- here are some options:

  • Did you know that Dermalogica’s packaging has always been bio-degradable? Many of the skin care lines that we carry offer recyclable packaging. 
  • Our Spruce Body Lab BodyCare line is made in Vancouver from plant-based ingredients, many of which are sourced regionally (for one, our hemp oil comes from an organic farm in Saskatchewan).
  • The Sea Flora Wild Organic Seaweed products which are made in Sooke on Vancouver Island from indigenous west coast ingredients and certified organic by the USDA.

These are just a few of the resources we can offer here at Spruce Body Lab to help you lessen your impact on the environment. Meanwhile, the Farm to Skin movement is definitely a trend worth following!



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