Dry Skin is such a Drag

It’s been getting chilly around here of late and along with the cold come some uncomfortable skin conditions like dryness, eczema and psoriasis.

If you’re heading up the mountain to take in the early and ample snow (although, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten any new snow…) Climate Control IS your best friend. The cold wind whipping away at your cheeks and nose can leave your skin feeling a tad abused. Climate Control uses organic silicones, shea butter, superoxide disumtase, vitamin E and oat extract to create a barrier/shield against environmental aggression, including temperature extremes. It looks like a little deodorant stick and fits perfectly into your jacket pocket for post lunch reapplication. I find your skin looks a bit dewey from it, but that’s a small sacrifice to cut out wind burn.

Are your hands feeling like sand paper? A must try with any facial right now is our Micro-Zone Hand Relief Treatment. If your hands are feeling the effects of the cold winter wind- this treatment will definitely perk them up. Our Be Smooth Uplifting Sugar Scrub infused with sunflower and almond oils will polish your skin, followed by an application of our Be Soft Body Lotion with hemp and jojoba to nourish dry skin. The final step is immersing your digits into their own personal mitten of warm parrafin. Unlike traditional communal parrafin baths, our system takes the icky out of this extremely therapeutic treatment. Our personal, single-use parrafin mittens will envelope your hands in warmth, bringing fresh blood and nourishment to the muscles, joints and skin of your hands, and penetrate the moisture from the Be Soft Body Lotion further into deeply dry skin. Add it to any of our skin care treatments for some extra hands-on attention over the winter months.

Here’s another great article that I’ve featured here, care of Dermalogica if you’re interested in learning about the science behind dry skin and how ingredients in skin care can address this concern. Dry Skin- It’s a Sure Thing By Dr. Diana Howard

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