Dermalogica: Paving the Way on Serum Technology

Dermalogica recently launched their latest addition to the Age Smart family- MultiVitamin Power Serum. This serum is an update on Multivitamin Power Concentrate with new advancements in the delivery and types of vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.

The past five years we’ve seen new products from Dermalogica, but along with growing their range of products to address skin concerns, the company has been revisiting and improving on their tried and true formulations, introducing the latest scientific advancements to deliver the best results.

The MultiVitmain Power Serum ┬ápromises to combat aging and fine lines, reduce hyperpigmentation, encourage cell turnover and smooth the skin’s surface.

It uses a hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR), a form of vitamin A that is more stable and less irritating to the skin than its counterparts Retin A and Retinol- this is a key ingredient for address the early signs of aging. It is a skin normalizer, stimulating the functions of the skin that slow down as we age. In addition to vitamin A, the formulation contains Vitamin C and palmitoyl hexpeptide-14 to protect the skin from free radical damage and stimulate collagen production.

According to Marilisa Racco from the Globe and Mail, “A tiny squeeze of product on my fingertip is enough to make the past 10 wrinkle-inducing years of my life temporarily disappear from my skin…” Now that’s some high praise.

From a Skin Therapist perspective and from someone who is seeing the signs of aging coming to the surface, I’m a firm believer that antioxidant protection with use of serums is key to maintaining high-functioning youthful skin. If this step is missing from your routine- this serum is a great place to start.

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