Conscious Holiday Shopping

This time of year is always so busy with social engagements amidst trying to get all our Holiday Shopping done- AND, we have to try and smell the roses a bit too.

I recently went to Pecha Kucha and was inspired by one of the speakers there who started a business promoting what he considered “Good Gifts” (Saul Gift Co.) Essentially, he started his company to engineer a way that the ubiquitous gift basket could be as local and as environmentally conscious as possible.

It got me to thinking about how important it is to be a conscious consumer- but how difficult this can be at times! It was a good reminder to think before I buy and make an effort to support local businesses or even businesses that have attached themselves to a cause that my purchase can support.

One such cause which is close to our hearts here at Spruce Body Lab has been going strong since Dermalogica celebrated its 25th anniversary. Fite –  which helps women entrepreneurs in developing nations to gain financial independence through micro-loans. As usual, Dermalogica loans $1 for every product sold with their Fite redemption codes, but they now have Bullet to Bracelets.  The bracelets which are hand-made by Ethiopian artisans, transform bullets, a symbol of violence, into a means of income and hope. We’re hoping to bring in some bracelets here at Spruce before the new year. We’ll keep you posted.


If you’ve been noticing more of these charitable causes tying into retail- here’s a great article from the New York Times that touches on many sides of this movement to shop for a better world.

On that note, Happy Holidays and shop local!

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