Body Building for your Brows and Lashes: Priori Lash Recovery Serum

The drive to have lashes that are long enough to flap in the wind has been pretty common over the past few years. ‘Lash Bars’ have popped up where technicians painstakingly glue semi-permanent extensions onto the lashes and there are a rash of lash serums on the market-place from every major cosmetics company. The key ingredient responsible for this craze is called prostaglandin. This ingredient which was originally use to treat glaucoma,was discovered to stimulate lash growth- with the only down side being that some blue-eyed consumers experienced the ocular side effect of  a dark pigment appearing around their iris. After prolonged use, lashes may also end up looking wiry and unruly, requiring to be trimmed.

Priori has created a lash enhancer (Lash Recovery Serum $99), that doesn’t contain prostaglandin, eliminating unwanted side-effects for the eyes. The formulation is made up of a Triple Lipopeptide Complex that stimulates hair follicle sites to enhance the appearance of length and thickness of the lashes. You can even use it on over-tweezed brows to create a more robust frame for your revitalized lashes. Full brows are in this season and it only takes two weeks of nightly use to see results. Once your lashes or brows have achieved the desired fullness, you can scale back to application 3-4 nights per week to maintain.

Visit the Priori site to learn more.

I know I’ll be giving it a try- just got mine today! I’ve been blessed with long lashes, but I’ve noticed over the last few years that they just don’t seem as thick as they used to be- I guess lashes start to age too, just like the grey hairs that have been cropping up on my head! And I’m sure I’m not the only person who has been victimized by overzealous brow shaping- I’m hoping to regain some ground with my delicate and thin brows too.

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