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Kathryn is the General Manager and Creative Director of Spruce Body Lab. She is also a practicing skin therapist and has been facilitating skin health since 2001.

What Makes a Great Facial?

The last five years have seen a shift in the spa industry in Vancouver, between treatments that offer expertise and visible results for the skin and treatments that focus on pure indulgence and relaxation. But what makes for a good facial is balance between both worlds. A great facial is about more than the steps […]

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The Aging Cross To Bear for Dark Skin

While the rest of us have to contend with lines and wrinkles as part and parcel of the aging process, people with darker skin tones don’t age in the same way. Because their skin has more melanin to protect it from the damage incurred by the sun, they don’t form wrinkles as quickly- but that […]

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Massage Therapy: Practitioner Gender Preferences

Having worked in the spa industry for so many years, I have found many of my body issues have fallen away and my comfort level with seeing either a male or female therapist has evened out. I found this article published in the New York Times so refreshing as it reminded me that there can […]

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Time Out on Labour Day

The origins of Labour Day in Canada traced back to the 1870’s when workers were fighting to gain a 58 hour work week- can you imagine? We’ve got it pretty good with this whole 40 hour work week. That being said- smart phones can and definitely do encroach on our non-labouring hours. I vote that […]

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