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Kathryn is the General Manager and Creative Director of Spruce Body Lab. She is also a practicing skin therapist and has been facilitating skin health since 2001.

Sun Facts for Hitting the Slopes

It’s been an exceptional season for skiing and snowboarding so far, and this weekend, which happens to be Winter Pride, is no exception. While you’re out playing on the slopes- don’t forget to take extra care with your skin. This article from the Daily Mail outlines some very interesting facts about how sun exposure on […]

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Dermalogica: Paving the Way on Serum Technology

Dermalogica recently launched their latest addition to the Age Smart family- MultiVitamin Power Serum. This serum is an update on Multivitamin Power Concentrate with new advancements in the delivery and types of vitamins and antioxidants for the skin.

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Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

It’s not uncommon for people to resist the idea of a New Year Resolution because they’re often left unresolved. We tend to attack the blank slate of the New Year with vigour only to realize that sticking to an extreme diet or exercise regime is unrealistic. Here’s a great article from Refinery29 with tips from […]

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