Acne Treatments: Intensive Care for your Back

As we happily indulge in the warmer weather which has finally arrived in Vancouver, we will be baring more skin. Unfortunately, this can be an uncomfortable situation for some of us who are experiencing acne on our backs- but it doesn’t have to be.

There are many factors that can cause break outs on the back and shoulders. Often times strenuous exercise and stress can stimulate higher levels of testosterone in the body and breakouts crop up. For some people, this happens primarily on their face, for others, areas like the back and chest are affected as well. Effective cleansing and exfoliation with professionally prescribed products will help to keep your skin clear. The first place to start is with a professional treatment.

Did you know that Spruce offers an Intensive Care Back Treatment? This 60 minute treatment gives the skin on your back the extra attention that it needs to clear and heal up any existing acne lesions. Your Skin Therapist will do a thorough analysis of your skin to determine and customize a treatment that best suits your needs. They will also give you recommendations for how you can continue treating and preventing acne at home, maintaing clear skin that you won’t hesitate to bare on a hot sunny day.

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