Skin Care Therapists

Spruce Body Lab spa in Vancouver is committed to post graduate training for it’s staff to ensure that the treatments provided are safe and effective. The skin care team at Spruce is dedicated to educating clients about their skin, so high pressure sales are not a part of our vocabulary. Your therapist will complete your treatment by equipping you with the knowledge of how to improve your skin – it’s as simple as that.
Here’s some information about the Spruce Skin Care team:

Nicole Burns, Skin Care Therapist click to book your next spa appointment

Nicole has over 10 years of experience in the skin care and spa industry. She graduated from Blanche MacDonald in 2004 and has been apart of the Spruce Body Lab since 2005.

Nicole thrives to offer her clients the highest quality of service and believes in the honest approach providing her clients with realistic goals and expectations.

Nicole is also a BBLs Specialist, offering treatments such as hair reduction, photo-rejuvenation, acne treatments and skin tightening.   Her knowledge and attention to detail makes her patients feel they’ve found a confidante.

Outside of Spruce Nicole enjoys spending time with her dogs Harley & Rico, going to Whistler and spending time with friends.


Betty Yang, Skin Care Therapist click to book your next spa appointment

Betty has been working in the skin care and spa industry since 2000.

She graduated from Senniyo Esthetic School in 1998 with her esthetics diploma. Betty furthered her education by attending Blanche MacDonald in 2009, she is also a freelance makeup artist. Betty is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin.

Betty has been working at Spruce since 2006 as a Skin Care Therapist helping her client to achieve their skin care goals. Betty specializes in acne treatment and extractions and has helped many of her clients fall back in love with their skin.

Betty is also a BBLs Specialist, she is able to do skin tightening, acne treatment, hair reduction and photo-rejuvenation.

Betty’s main goal is to help her clients feel confident with their skin so that they don’t need to wear makeup unless they choose to.


Renata Licha, Skin Care Therapist click to book your next spa appointment

Renata is a European Esthetician with over 20 years of experience in the skin care industry. She started her own practice/ salon in Europe. During time spent as a teacher and make up artist for countless cosmetic conventions with cosmetics companies in Europe, Renata gained extensive experience with microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

In 2004, she decided to continue her career in Canada and moved overseas with her family. Shortly after receiving her license in Canada she had the pleasure of working for a number of big spas in Vancouver and continued to educate herself with cosmeceutical treatments, Laser Hair Removal, Skin Tightening & Photo-rejuvenation.

Her number one goal and focus is to teach her clients as much as possible about proper skin care. She welcomes a chance to find a way to make her clients feel special and better about themselves.

Renata always strives to help clients find solutions to all their skin care problems with positive and healthy rejuvenating outcomes.


Lisa Miele, Skin Care Therapist click to book your next spa appointment

Lisa has been practicing as a Skin and Body Therapist since 2011 and continued her studies in Medical Aesthetics at All Body Laser Inc in 2013. A greater interest in aesthetics came from a course in Ayurveda that she stumbled upon in school, where she found herself captivated by the 5000 year old system of natural healing, originating in India. She instantly developed a deep appreciation for holistic medicine, and sought to employ a similar concept in addressing skin care concerns in the spa atmosphere, exploring the connection between lifestyle practices and longterm skin care health.

Lisa works to find solutions in naturally detoxifying and botanically based products where possible to improve the skin’s barrier function.

Each treatment with Lisa focuses on restoring the integrity of the skin back to its youthful health, first by healing compromised skin conditions such as dry, dehydrated, acneic, sensitized, and hyperpigmented skin, and second to slow down signs of aging with a preventative approach. She uses swedish and pressure point massage techniques benefiting the skin through microcirculation, lymphatic drainage, increased product penetrability, and relaxed facial lines and wrinkles. When developing personalized treatment plans for clients, Lisa combines her holistic mind-set with her knowledge in medical aesthetic technologies to optimize skin outcomes while encouraging other healthy lifestyle choices that will further prolong effectiveness of treatment.

When Lisa is not at work, you will find her in the kitchen where she enjoys cooking and baking.