Loyalty Reward Points

Buy local and be rewarded.

Spruce Spa Vancouver - loyalty reward points

Spruce Body Lab has put together Retail Reward Points* to thank our loyal clients who choose to purchase their skin care with us. Here is how it works! For every 100 points you collect from retail product purchases, you’ll receive a $10 Loyalty Reward**.

Your Loyalty Reward can be used towards any retail product or skin care treatment of your choice, including:  facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps or scrubs, or waxing.

How to keep track of your points? It’s easy – at the time of your purchase, your points will be added directly to your invoice. Points can be saved up, or used at your next visit. You can check your balance by asking at the front desk.

*Please note that Loyalty Reward Points cannot be collected on products purchased with Spruce Dollars or account credit.

**Reward value cannot be applied to discounted products and services or special promotions including Mid-day Mellow.



Here are some of the other Loyalty Programs we have in place:

Referral Bonus 

Did you know that Spruce Body Lab offers a referral bonus to our clients who effuse their love of Spruce Body Lab to friends and family?

Here’s how it works. For every three people you refer to us, we will give $50 credit to be used as you wish on Spruce Body Lab treatments and retail products. The only catch is that you need to keep track of your referrals. Whenever someone you’ve referred mentions that you sent them to Spruce Body Lab spa in Vancouver, we’ll make a note of the referral on your account. In some circumstances, people forget to mention their friend sent them, so you can always check with us to see if someone you’ve referred has come in. Once we’ve confirmed this, they’ll be added to your list and your credit will be adding up in no time!

Who knew that liking something and talking about it could pay off so well?

Rebooking Bonus: Plan ahead and save. When you rebook for your next treatment on the day of your treatment, you’ll receive a rebooking bonus of $10 off your next skin care treatment.