4 Resolutions You Can Keep

A new year is upon us and that can only mean one thing: the season of resolutions has arrived. We all make them. How can we not? All that “start fresh” stuff is inspiring and the potential of a new year is motivating. But let’s be realistic, come February 1st we are back to eating cereal for dinner.

There is, however, something to be said about continually striving for self-improvement. So this year (2015 in case you’d forgotten), we are aiming for the small resolutions. The low-hanging fruit of the resolution tree. Little things in our daily lives that, when done over an extended period of time, can have tremendous benefits.

Drink more water

drink water - spa health tipsWater isn’t the sexiest of liquids (hello pinot grigio!), but there is a lot of scientific research, as well as anecdotal evidence touting the health benefits of drinking more water. Unfortunately for most of us we don’t drink enough. From hydrating your skin to lubricating your joints and muscles, water keeps your body working at its top level. Drinking 3 litres (or 8 glasses) of water a day has been shown to reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes and face. 8 glasses a day seems like a lot, but if you drink one when you wake up and one before bed then you only have to drink 6 the rest of the day. Which seems a lot less daunting.

Stretch more

office stretching - daily health tipOur bodies could all benefit from a little more flexibility and mobility. Whether you’re participating in weekly yoga sessions or getting some stretches in at your desk between emails, putting a little strain on your muscles will leave your body feeling good. The positive impact of stretching has been known for years; increased blood circulation, reduced stress, and a better range of motion are just the tip of the iceberg. And if you think that your day is too full for a little stretching, then check out this short video guide on stretches you can do at your desk. If you regularly visit a Registered Massage Therapist, stretching is a great way to keep you feeling great between massage treatments.

Wash your face every night

daily face washing - skin care tipsThe amount of dirt and pollution our face comes in contact with in a day would startle you. All that gunk does nothing but clog your pores and leaves your skin looking less than ideal. And ladies, let’s not forget the makeup. We all know how that can affect our skin. Regularly washing your face with an oil-based cleanser and moisturizing with a night cream before bed will have your skin looking noticeably healthier. Complimenting your nightly face washing routine with a hydrating facial every few weeks will also brighten and refresh your skin.

Keep A Positive Mindset

positive mindset - spa life tipsMind over matter. It’s that easy. Well, not always. Keeping a positive mindset is much easier said than done given the stresses and adversity we experience in our daily lives. Positivity carries a lot of power when it comes to facing life’s challenges; it gives us confidence and helps us find solutions. But looking on the bright side of things does more than help us cope with difficulties. Positive thinkers have been shown to have lower blood pressure, stronger immune systems, and fewer health problems than their negative counterparts. It’s not always easy to think of the glass half full, but here are some essential ideas to help you on your way. And remember to smile more. You’d be surprised at how quickly it can change your disposition.

Whether you are steadfast in your resolutions or, like me, more of a casual resolution fan we can all agree that there is always room for some self-improvement. Resolutions are about making changes in our lives that leave us happier and healthier than when we started. And if you don’t stick to your resolutions, well there’s always next year.

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