2016 Summer Spa Treatment Guide

Summer is just around the corner, and with all of the beautiful weather we have been having lately, I thought I would write a post about three perfect spa treatments to get your body, skin and mind ready for the sunshine that (fingers crossed) will be here to stay in Vancouver.

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Summer-Ready Facials

Investing in the right facial will set you in the right direction to a gorgeous summer glow in no time. Facials, (depending on the one you choose) will deep clean, exfoliate, extract, hydrate, plump and get your skin looking more radiant. To rid your skin of winter dullness and create a pre-summer glow, I recommend the Spruce Skin Deep Facial. The Deep Facial uses galvanic and high frequency machines to penetrate the active ingredients in the cleansers and creams used during your facial and activate cell functions, leaving your skin noticeably hydrated and calm. Perfect for foundation and cover up free skin!

Or, if you know exactly what your skin needs to radiate this summer, try one of our Custom Facials. These treatments are categorized to your skin type according to their bioactivity score, which indicates chemical and physical exfoliation concentrations as well as active ingredients. Great to strip away dead skin cells and reveal newer, blemish free cells underneath.

Seaweed Body Wraps

Seaweed Body Wraps are another ideal organic treatment to get the rest of your skin ready for tank top, shorts and bathing suit season. The treatment uses seaweed to help your skin regenerate which is known to promote new collagen formation. During your treatment, you will receive a full body exfoliation, the application of a firming gel, detoxifying and revitalizing Alaria body wrap, and an application of hydrating body and face cream.

Your treatment will include the use of Sea Flora, a wild, organic skin care line that contains fresh whole seaweeds in concentrations of up to 70%.  Seaweed Body Wraps are designed to restore energy levels and infuses the skin and circulatory system with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, while promoting detoxification.

Hair Removal Using Broad Band Light

Light therapies are popular in the medical aesthetics field and are used to treat spots, adult acne, elasticity loss and are also used as an effective means of hair removal. The Broad Band Light Spectrum (BBLs) technology works by emitting light pulses deep into the hair follicles. The light is then absorbed into the follicles and converted to heat which loosens the hair and disrupts the cell that regenerates new hair – resulting in truly effective and permanent hair reduction.

Each individual’s hair varies in depths and strengths, which often makes removal difficult. The BBLs is able to target all hair types and depths all over the body for a whopping 70- 95% lasting hair removal. BBLs takes a number of treatments, so book your first session today, and say goodbye to those stubborn ingrown hairs, razor burn and waxing appointments and hi to smooth hairless skin all summer long.

…See you at the beach!

Bonus Mini-Treatments:

Lash and Brow Tinting

This is such an inexpensive yet great treatment for summer. Lash and brow tinting is very similar to dying your hair (dark of course – no bleach required). An experienced aesthetician will ensure that your brows and lashes are colour matched and tinted to perfection. This is the perfect mini summer treatment, as it means NO mascara, and brow filling. Just throw on that tinted sunscreen and voila!

Infrared Sauna Sessions

The practice of warming up our bodies, using sauna therapy has been around for centuries as a detoxing mechanism. An infrared therapy session is used most commonly to treat stress, fatigue, chronic pains, reduce cellulite and more. However, with summer close on our tails, infrared saunas offer an added bonus for the skin. Multiple sessions improve skin tone and reduce some signs of aging by improving the body’s blood flow, circulation and the production of collagen. Further, the elimination of toxins often improve overall skin health, giving it that sought after radiant glow.

Summer seems to somehow make everyone in Vancouver (and the city itself) radiate natural beauty. We love getting a couple initial treatments to slough off winter skin, eliminate unwanted hair and help us detoxify our bodies from the guilty pleasures that come with winter.



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